My dog ​​escapes: causes and solutions


Sometimes your dog runs and seems to run away? Undoubtedly If your pet tries to escape, you may think he wants to run away, and it is very possible that you relate it to “you are not taking good care of your pet”. But ... Is this true? Why does your dog run away?

First of all, calm down! Your dog is not running away from you, nor is it that you don't take good care of him.

Why does my dog ​​run away?

There is some things that can cause your dog to escape We tell you!

Any noise too loud: a siren, an ambulance, thunder, firecrackers ... They can make your dog escape!

If on other occasions you have seen that Your dog gets scared when he hears loud noises, he is afraid! So ... watch out! I could get away!

A bitch in heat

If your pet comes across a sexy dog ​​in heat, two things could happen!

  • That the dog in heat goes chasing the males
  • That the males chase her making her feel overwhelmed

There are also other cases! And is that ... When a male smells like a dog in heat, even if you have not seen it, he will go looking for it! Remember that dogs in heat have a special smell, easily traceable by the powerful nose of our pet.

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Dangers of my dog ​​escaping

If your dog escapes, it can run several dangers! We tell you:

  • If you pet is dominant or aggressive, could bite someone
  • They could run over
  • I could get into one fight with other dogs
  • Could hurting with anything thrown in the street (glass, metal fences ...)
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Tips to get your dog does not escape

If you want to prevent your pet from suffering or causing any damage, there are some tips you can follow!

  • Do not take your dog for a walk without a leash, so you will avoid possible inconvenience!
  • If you have a dog that is in heat, do not take it out of areas where there are other dogs! If your dog escapes whenever a dog smells, consider castrating him!
  • If your pet is afraid of noise, Try training techniques to lose your fear, or get used to it!
  • Train your dog from a puppy! Teach him the basic orders to obey you.
  • If your dog runs, don't chase him! This would cause your dog to run even faster. It is best that you stay where you are, and speak firmly to him to return to where you are.

Use positive reinforcement to train and educateWithout a doubt, what works best!
Has your dog ever escaped? How did you solve it?

Females in heat

Another very common cause of leakage is that there is a nearby female in heat that gives off a characteristic smell, detected by males over long distances. Then the dog will jump any obstacle to satisfy his sexual instinct. This is the most frequent cause of escapes. The solution for these cases is the sterilization, which also in males will prevent prostate problems and in females ovarian cysts and breast tumors.

Wrong education

Getaways may also be due to a problem of disobedience, fruit of an incorrect education and the establishment of an inadequate hierarchy.

Once the dog has run away you have to wait patiently

To correct it, we must establish a dynamic, in which the pack leaders They are the owners. To achieve this, you must ensure that the owner enters and leaves the first through the door or give orders before getting what he wants. Not recommended lock up the dog, because it can cause a state of anxiety and nervousness.

A common situation, which creates headaches To many dog ​​owners, it is that the animal ignores the order to go during the walk. For many dog ​​owners, recreation and relaxation with their animal becomes tension and stress.


When it is intended that the go dog and run in the opposite direction, you don't have to go after him to catch him, because the effect will be the opposite. That is, the dog will flee with more insistence. Ideally, the animal follows its owner and not the other way around. When the animal perceives that it is not aware of him, but must follow the owner so as not to lose track of him, he changes his attitude.

Positive reinforcement

He positive stimulus It works once again to educate and correct bad habits in the dog. Each time the animal goes without problems to the call, you have to congratulate him. In this way, you will understand what is expected of him. Incorrect behaviors do not change overnight. It will take time, patience and determination.

The dog has escaped

Once the dog has escaped you have to wait patiently, and call him so that when he returns he will find us. If you spend too much time and it does not appear, you have to give notice to the police, protective societies and veterinary clinics. It is very important, as well as mandatory, that the animal is identified with the microchip, and more if there is a tendency to escape. You can also put a sheet on the collar with the phone to be guaranteed to recover it in case of loss.

The moment the dog escapes, it is not necessary to chase it because it will run even more. If he is called and comes back, he must be received with a caress and not with reproaches so as not to confuse him about what he has to do.

Correct education

To avoid situations that, once acquired, are hard to correct Try to educate the dog well as a puppy. If you can not correct the problem at home, you can go to a dog trainer, who will find out the reasons why the animal escapes and will redirect its attitude.

The danger of leaks

Dog leaks are dangerous, there may be accidents and accidents, so we must ensure by all means that the dog does not escape. In the garden you have to place high fences to prevent him from jumping and carrying him with the leash down the street.

The causes that a dog escapes from home can be diverse: boredom, need for more physical activity, fear of certain noises or separation anxiety. That is, the dog does not support the absence of its owners and goes out in its search. It's a matter of finding out why he does it to stop the situation.

Find out the cause of your escapades. It may be due to the need for more company or physical exercise, as well as fear of certain noises.

Put means to avoid dangerous uncontrolled leaks. No open doors or walking without a leash.

Do not fight the dog when he returns from one of his escapes, but congratulate and pet him.

Do not chase him when he escapes, because he will run even faster.