How to care for the cat's hair to make it shine: three homemade tricks


Tips and tricks to keep your cat's hair soft, silky and shiny, at Bekia we help you get it.

Cats and dogs are the pets we most welcome in our homes and their care has always been a priority. In this case we are going to talk about how to do that The hair of the small cats is bright and visibly cared for and clean.

Before we start, we should know that our cat's hair is not only a characteristic of our pet, but that it speaks a lot about the state of health of our animal. It's even very important for their social relationships both with other humans and with other cats and animals of the same species.

For these reasons it is a priority Know how to take care of our kitten's fur so that it is healthy and shiny and we are going to leave you a few tricks to get it. Some of them are, of course, brushing it every day, giving it small pieces of tuna or salmon and keeping the oil from the sardines that we usually buy canned to put on your feed and mix it.

Cat's hair serves, like most animals, like thermal insulator, both against the cold and against excessive heat that can damage your skin and also meets one of the most important functions in the social life of this animal Since it is extremely important for your sense of touch: it serves both as an aid to communicate with us and to do so with animals of the same species. So how should a cat's hair be taken care of?

Brush your hair every day

A cat's hair will shine if the Brushing time is done conscientiously every day and is hydrated with foods rich in omega 3 and 6. The brushed feline are used to take care and pamper your hair at the same time as to keep it free of dirt.

To brush the pussy you can start with a soft and flexible barbed brush or some similar products (there are many similar products available in the market) brushing your hair in the opposite direction of the natural direction, from the tail to the head, then continue, now if, in the direction of the hair fibers , from head to tail. A metal barbed brush will help to care for and maintain healthy, shiny and knot-free hair.

So that the hair does not get tangled or the cat itself makes it dirty or makes a noise while licking it is best to repeat this process for 3 or 4 minutes every day. In addition, your cat will know how to thank you and it will be he who asks you to brush it.

Give fish

The cat needs some care to be hydrated and stay healthy, so that our pet can Shine your hair with shine. Knowing this, we should keep in mind that some "light" foods They eliminate not only the calories that may be causing our cat to gain more weight, if not also good fats, including omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and these types of fats, contrary to what we think, are healthy for the cat and totally necessary to keep your skin and hair healthy.

So some products that we can acquire that are rich in this type of fat are some blue fish like salmon, which contain a high concentration of saturated fat in your muscles or tuna, another blue fish that helps the cat with care of your hair

They can be offered bits of these fish once a week to contribute to take care of your skin and keep your hair brighter. On the other hand, it is useful to know that both salmon and tuna must be raw and free of spines and viscera and have been in the freezer for at least three consecutive days.

Our pet's hair is important and we should take care of it, so what do we do if we don't have salmon or tuna? Well, one of the great alternatives is to use a canned blue fish, such as canned sardines (It must be taken into account that they should not be spicy or be seasoned with any type of product).

That because? Because the oil in the cans of canned sardines It is a very important great source of omega 3 and 6 that will be great for our pet, so, following the pattern we use with other types of fish, you can add a tablespoon of the oil of products such as sardines (also tuna) to the usual feed of our pet once a week.

Following these small instructions that are not complicated, you get our cat pets they look a natural and healthy glow in the fur, and both they and we will enjoy a much softer and more delicate touch, free of pulls and tangles and we can boast a pet when we receive visitors.

On the other hand, being a more careful hair that is brushed normally, we will save those clashes of tatters of hair that accumulate in the corners of the house when we do not realize, doing the housework a little heavier, since, with constant brushing, we can remove excess hair from the body of our cat and get rid of dead or old hair that can fall with ease.

Remember to brush your pet in a place where then it is easy for you to collect the hairs that are released like the bathroom or the kitchen and have a small bag by hand to clean the brush in case your cat is of a breed with a lot of hair, so, in addition, you will get used to it because that is the place where you have to go at the time of brushing and you will not have to walk looking for him around the house (also try to always it's about the same time so as not to disorient the cat). After a while attending to your pet in this way, no doubt You will notice the changes in their fur.

Cat's hair: protective and social

Cats' hair serves as a thermal insulator, both against cold and against excessive heat. "But feline hair also plays a role in their social relationships, as it is very important for their sense of touch: it helps them communicate with us and with other peers," explains veterinarian Michael Foss of the University of Washington. Hence it is essential to pay close attention. But, How should care for cat hair so that it is healthy and shiny?

Trick 1. Learn to brush it

The cat's hair will shine if you brush every day and hydrate with foods rich in omega 3 and 6

The feline's brushes take care of their hair and keep it free of dirt.

You can start with a soft and flexible barbed brush. "The best way to remove dead cat hair is to start with a brief brushing in the opposite direction to the fur, from the tail to the head, "explains veterinarian Patricia González. Then, we must continue in favor of hair growth, from the head to the tail. A barbed brush Metallic will help keep your fur healthy.

The ideal thing is to repeat this habit every day, for three or four minutes.

Trick 2. Salmon and tuna snacks

He feline hair needs to hydrate To be healthy and shine. Some food Light they eliminate not only some calories, but also good fats, including omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. "And these good fats are healthy for the cat, and necessary to keep their hair and skin healthy," Gonzalez adds. The blue fish, like salmonThey contain a higher concentration of these healthy fats in your muscles.

He tuna It is another blue fish that helps the cat to take care of his hair. You can offer yourself some of this succulent bite, once a week. This will help take care of your skin and keep your hair brighter.

Both tuna and salmon should be raw, free of spines and viscera (they are dangerous foods for the cat) and have been frozen before for at least three days.

Trick 3. Sardine oil

And what to do if you don't have salmon or tuna? A good alternative is to resort to a canned blue fish, such as sardines, provided they are not spicy or seasoned.

And the oil in sardine cans is an important source of omega 3 and 6 for the cat. You can add a teaspoon to the usual feed, once a week.

Your cat's hair is important

The felines have several badges in relation to other animals and one of them is their beautiful hair, which can be long or short, but which attracts attention because of its color. Your cat's hair can be black, white, gray, orange or gold ... but it should always shine.

Why? Why In addition to looking beautiful, you will be demonstrating how healthy you are. Did you also know that for the cat the mantle is very important? That's right, since it keeps it warm in winter and cool in summer, but it also allows you to socialize with animals and people.

Quality feed

The first thing I recommend is that you give him a good quality diet, that is, appropriate for the cat. Being a carnivorous animal its base food has to be meat, so it is very important that, whether you give it I think as natural food, don't give cereal (oats, wheat, corn, and derivatives) no byproducts, because they are ingredients that, in addition to being able to cause food allergies, are not going to get hair shine.

1. Brushed

Brushing your cat's hair is paramount because you will keep it free of dirt and dead strands. Start with a soft and flexible barbed brush. The movement must be smooth and teach you from a puppy that it is something good, a kind of caress or pampering.

To remove dead hair, brushing must be brief and against the fur, that is, starting at the tail and towards the head. Then, to leave it soft, bright and untangled, the movement is the opposite: starting with the head and going to the tail. The habit should be repeated every day and last about 5 minutes.

Alcohol-free beer

The warm nonalcoholic beer It will help the cat's hair shine naturally. Be the we will apply with a sponge through the body, except the face and genital area, making sure it is well distributed. After waiting three minutes, rinse with water to remove the beer, and dry the hairy.

2. Food

As we have told you before, if the cat is healthy it will be noticed in his hair. It is essential that you include foods containing Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in your diet, such as salmon and tuna snacks. These fats are beneficial for your internal organs and also for the mantle.

Blue fish can be offered both in the form of cookies and feed ingredient. Some veterinarians accept that the cat eats canned tuna (without oil) and hake without spines chopped and mixed with the usual food. Remember that they should not have the viscera either and that they should eat them raw.

Sardines are one of the favorite foods of felines. You can buy them in preserves and offer them once a week. Another option is to use the oil to hydrate the feed (only one tablespoon).

Brushing the cat

Brush daily for 5 minutes your cat will be the most economical way (unless your time is gold), and effective that your cat presents a bright mantle, since you will eliminate dead hair and dirt, leaving it without macula and tangles.

In addition, you will show your cat the great affection you have for him, which will greatly please him and positively reinforce his character.

Regardless of what was said, often brushing the cat you will eliminate the possible tricobezoares (future hairballs in the stomach) that so distress our pets when they suffer. Discover some brushes for short-haired cats and brushes for long-haired cats.

3. Natural remedies

If your cat's hair does not look as bright as you would like, even if you brush and feed it well, you can turn to a more interesting external solution: homemade recipes. This is "accepted" as long as the animal is allowed to bathe or you can rinse it with water at the end.

Make an emulsion with an egg yolk and warm water. Lay on your pet's skin and massage well. Leave on for 5 minutes, rinse and brush. Another recipe has half a liter of warm water and a tablespoon of honey. The procedure is the same as the previous one. Finally, apply barley or malt without alcohol on the cat's mantle using a sponge and massage 3 minutes before removing with warm water.

Veterinarians say that you should only bathe the cat when necessary, since even if we use products suitable for him, the hot water and the stress of drying the hair and skin.

You can get shampoo to improve the brightness of the feline's coat according to the hair color (there are for black, white or brown hairs). Do not forget to rinse well so there are no remains.

A good diet

The foods rich in Omega 6 and Omega 12 They will promote a superb quality of your cat's fur.

Salmon, trout, sardines, herring and tuna are formidable foods to enrich your cat's hair. However, never give him these foods either raw or with thorns.

A slight boil, or a brief pass through the iron, will eliminate any trace of anisakis or any other parasite or bacteria. Once a week it is convenient for them to eat fish, or some wet feed whose base is fish.


The beer for centuries it has had a cosmetic use for hair of people and animals, as it nourishes the hair bulb and also the hair shaft, giving it more flexibility, softness and shine. However, the beer we will use with our cat must be necessarily without alcohol.

The employment is very easy:

When we bathe the cat and after a brief rinse, we will apply the warm beer with a sponge all over the body, except for the face and genitals. We will do a massage with our fingers so that the beer reaches your epidermis well distributed.

We will wait about three minutes and proceed to a good rinse with water that eliminates the beer completely. Finally, we will dry the cat very well, brushing or combing it later.

There are two ways to use the egg as a hair cosmetic: the yolk and the white. Both are nutritious for hair, but they work better apart than together.

The yolk is very nutritious and more sticky, tending to darken the hair and give it a lot of shine. The white is less dense, is better removed and tends to lighten the hair, offering a more satin shine. Therefore, we will use the yolk for cats with short, dark hair. The clear one will serve us for long and light-haired cats.

The way to apply yolk or white is as follows:

Emulsify with a blender the yolk or egg white with a glass of warm water. Once the cat has been bathed and after a slight rinse we will proceed to smear the cat with the emulsion chosen by means of a sponge, avoiding the face, the genitals and immediately massaging the cat with the fingers so that the skin and hair are well nourished.

After 5 minutes letting it act the emulsion, thoroughly rinse the cat with water so that no sticky egg remains. We will dry the cat very well and we will comb or brush it. We must discard the remaining emulsion and not intend to keep it.

The honey can also be used as hair nutrient. Well-nourished hair is healthy hair, therefore bright and elastic. The way to prepare the emulsion is as follows:

With a blender we will emulsify half a liter of warm water with a tablespoon of honey. Then we will proceed with its application in the same way as with the yolk or clear emulsion, but striving in the final rinse since the honey is very sticky.

The remaining part can be kept in the fridge.


Keratin is a protein. This substance is constituted in the Main base of human hair and the animal hair, as well as nails and hooves.

You can find keratin or keratin (it is the same) in liquid form, but I advise against its use to laymen. Professionals have the right knowledge to use this very rich sulfur product. There are many shampoos that incorporate keratin in their formulation, with the appropriate ph for the cat's dermis.

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Necessary Brush the hairy at least once a day if you have short hair, or two if you have long hair. This will prevent hairballs from forming in the stomach and, incidentally, by removing dead hair we will make it look much cleaner and healthier.

After having passed the brush I advise you to pass the FURminator, which is a rigid barbed comb that will remove any hair that the normal brush could have left.

If you know of other tricks, don't hesitate to say them 😉.