How to untangle a dog's hair easily


Many people do not know how to remove knots from a dog's hair. But nevertheless, doing it is very important, following a hairstyle of our dogs is essential to maintain good hair health and make it look bright and grow strong. This need is accentuated in long-haired dogs, which tend to get entangled very easily.

Let's teach you how to remove a dog's knots correctly, to make it easier for you and less annoying for him.

Key tips to know how to remove a dog's hair knots

  • If for whatever reason you have neglected your dog's hair and you haven't brushed it in a long time, the knots will be very tight. In this case it is best to cut it and wait for it to grow again, accepting a habit of frequent hairstyle so that it does not happen again.
  • If the knots are very tight and we see that they cannot be undone, it is better to resort to cutting and not insist, because the only thing we would get is to break the hair and make the dog suffer jerks.
  • How to know if the knots can be easily undone with a hairstyle? Put your fingers between your hair and check its hardness. If they are not very hard and you can move or even undo them, you can comb your dog with ease. Start like this, undoing the knots with your fingers.
  • Once you finish removing the knots from your dog's hair, Prepare a hot bath and wash it with canine shampoo (Remember NOT to use people shampoos to wash your dog). After rinsing it, apply hair softener (it can be for human use) and let it act for about 5 minutes before rinsing it.
  • Make sure you have clarified it well. After, Start drying it with a dryer while combing it with a wide-barbed metal comb.
  • Probably that way you can remove all the hair knots, but if not, keep trying a little each day and repeat this process again when you touch the next bathroom.

As you see, The process of how to remove a dog's knots is simple and not too long, it only requires a bit of will and dedication. If you have proof in your pet's toilet, you will not have to reach the point where the knots of your hair are unassuming, So get to work!

How to untangle a dog's hair

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  • Try to make your dog relaxed, lay it on your lap or on the floor in front of you if it is very large. It is important that both of you are comfortable, look for a situation and posture that facilitates the task.
  • Do not want to comb all at once! Always, but especially if you have very large and tight knots, Go taking your hair little by little and untangle it by strands, carefully and gently. We recommend that you start with the ears, because it is one of the most difficult areas and it is better to do it before the dog gets tired.
  • Use a metal comb. Start combing from the tips and gradually go deeper. With the other hand, always try to hold the strand you are combing to avoid pulling.
  • If you see that it is very laborious and that your dog gets tired, for a while and then come back. No problem in doing it in phases, the most important thing is that the dog does not get tired, because if it does, there will be no way to let it comb!
  • If there is a very complicated knot in a poorly visible area, you can cut it carefully. Insert the scissors into the knot and cut in the direction of hair growth. Whenever possible, better separate the knots with your fingers.
  • The best way to avoid this complicated task is to untangle dogs' hair daily, or at least several times a week. If you maintain a hairstyle routine, everything will be much easier for you and your pet.
  • Ah! And finally, Do not forget to reward the good behavior of your hairy when you finish the task. So, You will perceive the styling sessions as something positive and will behave better each time.

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We hope that our advice on how to untangle a dog's hair will be of great help when it comes to disturbing your friend. Remember that hygiene and care of your hair are essential for you to live how and happy.

How to untangle your dog's hair

Sometimes we have to leave a few days and who takes care of our dog does not pay attention to his hair and returns it full of knots. It can also happen that you go with your dog to the beach or get into puddles or mud and get caked hair. Or that you adopt a puppy and have to groom it properly for the first time. In either case, when you face a knot, try to be very delicate with your dog, because it is very easy to give them a tug and hurt them, and then they get restless and they will make your task impossible. It is better to follow these steps:

Remove tangles with your hands

Pet your dog, locate its knots and try to undo them from the tips to the root. Very little by little, you take the knot and you go opening from the tips. Pet and scratch your dog from time to time so it doesn't bother you. The feeling he will feel will be the same as the one we feel when a fly is around us. If you do it right, it will be like another love and it will let you do it and take the necessary time.

Remove tangles with the comb

Once we have softened the knots and almost undone, it is time to take the brush. But this does not mean that you can comb it as if such a thing. Review the knots first just as you did with your hands: starting at the tips until reaching the root. There will come a time when you can comb it from top to bottom without tripping over anything.

Remove tangles in the bathroom

If the knots are too tight and you cannot undo them by following those steps, it is time to go to the bathroom. Wet it with hot water, so that nothing remains dry. Soap it in abundance with special dog shampoo. Scratch with your hands and emphasize the knots. Rinse with hot water and put people hair softener. This softener needs a few minutes to act. Take the opportunity to try combing it during this time, first with your hands and then with the brush. Start at the bottom, through the area of ​​the legs, which are the most complicated and the most impatient to our dog. Go up until you finish at the neck and head. Remember to comb the tail well and behind the ears, which tend to get tangled up a lot.

When it is well groomed, rinse the dog until there are no traces of fabric softener left. Before you take it out of the bathroom, you can pass a towel so that it does not drip water and put everything lost. The ideal for drying is comb it while you hit it with the dryer at medium temperature Leave your head for the latter or it won't let you dry the rest. While you dry it, you can see that many of the knots have disappeared and that their hair is softer and brighter than ever.

How to remove the most difficult tangles

The last option when you see that nothing works is to cut. But before putting scissors, consult it in a dog grooming salon. Maybe they have the products and the skill to remove those impossible entanglements. If it has no solution, you should consider whether to cut only the knot or peel it whole. If it is a timely case and is in a poorly visible area, perhaps you could cut only the knot. Sometimes, by cutting a little you can save it by following the steps mentioned above. And their hair usually grows fast, so it won't take long to equalize. If there are many knots, it is best to peel it whole and do a daily follow-up of his care not to fall back into the same.

How to prevent tangles

The best solution for tangles is to prevent them from coming out. For this, the main thing is brush them every day. The more times you do it, the better. Above all, you have to pay special attention to the part of behind the ears and legs, because they tend more to get tangled up. Although it can be heavy for your dog so much brushing, if we avoid getting tangles we will also avoid having to hurt him. It does not involve more than five minutes a day and many dogs love it because they are like petting.

The right brush for your dog according to his hair

It is always convenient to have at home one special comb for dogs. There are many types, and depending on your dog's hair you will have to choose between one and the other. The brushes for short-haired dogs have the function of Remove dead hair and undo tangles. But short-haired dogs have no tangle problems, so we will focus on brushes and combs for medium and long hair.

The dogs of medium hair they need a brush fine metal bristles. As with short-haired dogs, these brushes are used to remove excess hair. That will prevent it from spreading throughout the house and will keep the dog clean for longer. They don't usually have many tangles, but brushing is just as important.

The dogs of long hair They can be divided into two groups: those with thin skin and those with thick skin. The latter, in turn, can be divided into two others: those with straight hair and those with curly hair. For the dogs of more delicate skin, like the yorkshire, we will need a double sided brush, which have on the one hand metal spikes with a rounded tip and on the other, bristles of synthetic hair. It is a softer brush to avoid causing much damage or pulling. Thus, we will give a first pass with the part of rounded tips to remove the knots that may exist, and a second with the other part to add shine to the hair. For the dogs of hard skin, the larger ones, we can use this same brush or the one of metal spikes together, like that of medium-haired dogs.

For the dogs of curly hairInstead, we will need a thick and separated metal barbed comb. These dogs do not lose much hair but they do get tangled easily. Therefore, it is always better to comb them after each ride.

Shampoo for dogs with tangles

There are endless products for washing and caring for your dog. According to the dog, it is recommended to bathe it between once and twice a month. For these washes we have special anti-tangle shampoos, which contain fabric softener. If we don't have one of these shampoos, we can use a person's hair softener.

If it is very cold or recently that you washed your dog and do not want to pass that ordeal again, you can try the dry shampoos. It will always be much easier to end tangles when they have clean hair.

Patience and perseverance

Caring for a dog never ends. If today you manage to remove your dog's tangles and tomorrow you don't comb it, it won't help much. Necessary create a habit for you and your pet, so that the hairstyle becomes a ritual. If your dog does not get combed or is very restless, you can give him a bauble at the end. This will make your task easier and you will notice it in its appearance and mood.

How to remove a dog's knots? - Tricks and recommendations

Sometimes, no matter how much we brush our dog we can find tangles. Some long-haired dogs can knot only with their walking routine. This long hair, with the movement, begins to get tangled by the ends and can end up forming knots. This type of hair can be brushed after walks, at least in the areas that we see most conflictive, such as the legs and tail.

Other times we adopt or pick up a dog from the street and we already find it with the neglected and in poor condition. If the situation is very serious, that is, the hair is plagued with knots and dreadlocks and, in addition, they are very glued to the skin. In this case we must leave the case in the hands of a professional.

On the contrary, if we are able to successfully address the situation, these are some of the Home remedies to untangle our dog's hair:

    First of all, we will pass the hand through the whole coat to have a>

How to make a homemade dog conditioner?

If you are considering the option of developing a homemade dog detangler With totally natural products that are also not harmful to your skin, we recommend you continue browsing Expert Animal to discover 5 recipes for homemade dog conditioner.

These products to remove the knots of dogs are totally organic and very easy to make. Of course, if you are looking for a product to untangle the hair of the dog highly effective and for regular use, it can be interesting to search the market for professional and high quality products, always specific for dogs. You should never use a conditioner for human use with the intention of removing your dog's knots.

The importance of the mantle

These home remedies to untangle the hair of our dog should serve to keep a mantle in perfect condition. Although generally it is not given much importance, the role of the fur is very important since it fulfills functions like the following:

  • First skin protection barrier against physical, chemical and mechanical injuries.
  • Protection, also, against sunrays.
  • Temperature control work, protecting from cold and heat.

let's remember visit our veterinarian if we observe alopecia (hairless areas), wounds, dandruff, eczema, brittle or dull mantle or any other alteration of the skin and coat.

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